1- KCMA & Rottencore
 You're A Fucking Bitch! 2- Rottencore
 Sei Un Coglione (Feat KCMA Vocal)

 The Unbelievable

4- KCMA - Fuck The Money 
 (Rottencore Remix)

5- Rottencore - Oldschool Inferno
 (KCMA Remix)

Bonus Track:

6- Rottencore - Goddamn Inferno 
 (LIVE MAshup)
Written and produced by:
Rottencore - Sergio Galimany
KCMA - Domenico D'Alessandro Recorded @ Satan Inside Recordings 2015.
Published: 02/August/2015 ** This is FREE stuff, don't pay for it!!
If you find someone selling it, please write to:
dj.rottencore@hotmail.com **